Crystal Flenoid - Artisan, Herbalist, Business Owner, Cosmetologist, and all-around Alchemist


Crystal Flenoid is a natural hair care guru known for her keen ability to revitalize the health of traumatized stresses. She is a beauty enthusiast who boasts an admirable passion for the natural world and makes that adoration quite evident throughout her work with hundreds of clients at Natural Essence & Beauty. This little gem of a company is her first business venture; a wellness and hair studio tucked in the peninsula of the Bay Area in northern California. She is a native of the area retaining over ten years in professional business success, fourteen years of acquiring knowledge through higher education and vocational training, with over twenty years in practical skill building. This has allowed her to really master the art, technique, and business of what holistic health can mean by way of hair care. Crystal will be sharing her expertise about the healing elements Mother Nature bestows upon us and elaborating on the methods of aromatherapy and how to utilize its benefits within our everyday life.  

Dr. Dana Girard - Executive Program DIVADirector, Continuing Education Programs


Dr Dana Girad is a licensed Psychologist (LIC# 25448) and holds a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. She is Certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and a Certified Master Clinician in Process Therapy. Her most notable works have been in treating clients with trauma, mood disorders, grief, addiction, hoarding, and adjustment disorders. As an African-American who grew up in a working class neighborhood, she not only observed the challenges that maintained poverty, but she also experienced the affirmations that allowed one to rise above them. Her personal and professional background instills a drive to provide integrative cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused treatments to culturally diverse clients. The evidence-based strategies are aimed at effective symptoms.

Lisa Bishop - Training and Consulting Professional


Lisa Bishop provides training and consulting for the CPS HR Training Division. She received her MBA in Business from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and her B.A., in  Business & Marketing, from Golden Gate University, San Francisco  Her expertise is in leadership development, facilitation, and training. She has extensive experience in team building and employee engagement. Lisa enjoys designing interactive training, facilitating staff and board retreats. She helps teams become more efficient, so they can more effectively do their work.  She is “truly committed to empowering, engaging, and enabling employees to their full potential”. She does webinars, retreats, workshops, coaching and facilitation. She honed her leadership and training skills during her time with Kaiser Permanente, overseeing the Employee Advisory Council for the Technology Risk Office.  

Sandy Lai, MD, MBA - Physician


Dr. Sandy Lai is a clinical assistant professor at Stanford University. She is board certified in family medicine and has been in practice for the past 20 years. She received her medical degree from New York Medical College, completed her residency in family medicine at UCLA, and received her MBA degree at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She has worked at several college health settings, including UCLA and Stanford. Her primary clinical interests are women's health, gender-affirming care, and sexual health. She has given lectures about contraception and was one of the speakers for Sex Week at Stanford.  

Shy Rowel - Author and Poet

Self Care

Shy Rowel is an author and poet from San Francisco, California. She was introduced to writing at a very young age and fell in love with it. By 21, she self-published her first poetry book, Comfort Zone. It is a collection of poems and prose about self-care, love, loss, and growth. She is now working on creating a platform that empowers women to use journaling as a tool to navigate through their discomfort.  

Trisha Leconte - Author, Speaker, and Educator


Trisha Leconte  is an author, speaker, and educator and has extensive knowledge in financial education and leadership and personal development. As a licensed professional in the financial services industry, she helps to increase financial awareness and literacy through powerful financial concepts and strategies to assist people in securing their economic future. Moreover, she empowers individuals, families, and business owners to reach their goals and dreams and become the best version of themselves by delivering principles that enable her clients to tap into their full potential and create a life they truly love. Trisha has always been committed to contributing to other people's lives in a way that they have a transformational experience to follow their true passion.   

Waukeshia Jackson - Best Selling Author, Partner and Patent Attorney


Waukeshia Jackson is a Best Selling author, partner and patent attorney with Jackson & Lowe Law Group.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana State University. She also has an MBA from the University of Houston -Clear Lake. and her law degree from LSU Law Center.  Waukeshia has been featured in Technology Diversity Magazine and National Society of Black Engineer Magazine and US News.

Karla Amanda Brown - MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Karla Amanda Brown owns and operates Soul Centric Counseling, which is a premier Silicon Valley healing space for people of all ages and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. Karla works to support people as they make sense of their time on earth as well as the multigenerational wounding that has been passed through their lineage. As a psychotherapist, yoga instructor and Reiki Master, Karla views healing tasks as systemic, multidimensional and multilayered. Through a variety of approaches, Karla does her best to make growth accessible for everyone. Karla invites you to know within yourself that all parts of you matter - your stories, your emotions, your sensations, and definitely your soul. Karla holds a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco and studies Alignment-Based Hatha Yoga with Daniella Cotreau at Body Temple Yoga(TM) Scho

Faz K. Bashi - MD


  Faz K. Bashi has a research background in Immunology and Virology from UCSF. He is an active member of Life Science Angel's (LSA) in Silicon Valley. He is a member of Berkeley Angel Network. He is Lead Venture Investor with Portfolia's FemTech Fund focused on female health and wellness. He is West Coast Affiliate Venture Partner at Boston Millennia Partners focused on digital Health. Currently he is very active in Pet Health, and serves on the Board of Directors at Anubis Bio (www.anubisbio.com), developing an all-natural medical food that saves puppies from dying due to parvovirus and bacterial causes of gastrointestinal distress.

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Self Care

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